Complaints Procedure

Follow our complaints procedure below to report any service issues.

In the event of a person being dissatisfied with the Building Control service provided by Bespoke Building Control Ltd., a complaints policy has been formulated.  The definition of a complaint being ‘an expression of dissatisfaction about the conduct of an Approved Inspector in breach of this Code or the Building Control Performance Standards’.  This policy clearly identifies the procedures as follows:

- Client complaints should be referred to a Director in writing.

- An acknowledgement letter will be sent within 48 hours of receiving the client complaint.

- All complaints will be officially recorded on ‘complaints log sheets’ and made available for internal/external auditing.

- All complaints will be taken seriously and investigated within one week.

- Every effort will be made to resolve the client complaint to the satisfaction of the client.

- The Director(s) will respond personally to the client and the outcome/actions will be given in writing.

- Where it has not been possible to resolve the complaint via this process, the complainant will be directed to the CICAIR.

- In the event of the client wishing to transfer to another Building Control provider, assistance will be given to ensure a smooth transition.

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