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Service Provision

Building Regulations Approval is a mandatory process which must be gained through an independent third party. The incorporation of Bespoke Building Control into the design process of any scheme will greatly enhance the designer’s confidence that the project will comply with the Building Regulations and associated legislation. 

Bespoke Building Control can also provide ongoing support and advice on the full range of building and fire safety legislation, ensuring that the client receives the best possible and most cost effective solutions to their property needs throughout the entire life cycle of the building.

The role of the Approved Inspector within the majority of projects can be split into 3 key stages: the design inception stage; the working drawing/plan assessment stage; and the construction/site inspection stage. Outlined below are the services provided by Bespoke Building Control within each of these stages.

Design Inception Stage

This stage can be pre/post-planning or pre/post-tendering.

  • To advise the design team on any aspects of the Building Regulations, as required.
  • To assist in providing early advice on fire issues, including the formulation of a viable fire strategy, to enable smooth transition through the Fire Authority consultation stage.
  • Pro-active involvement in value engineering concepts in respect of Building Regulation matters.

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